Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mission Statement

So here I am. I've arrived. I've finally decided that it's time for me to start my own blog. Now, every blogger must have a reason for blogging, be it ridiculously trivial or supremely important. My blog is probably going to fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

So what's my reason.

Well, I suspect that it's not going to be that much different from any other blogger. Namely, I want to voice my opinions. Everyone loves the sound of their own convictions and I'm in no way immune to that delusion. The thing is that I continually find that my world view (be it right or wrong) conflicts sharply with the one constantly presented to me by all branches of populist mass media and the "received wisdom" which it creates among the population. I even find that those outlets which purport to be "rebellious" are not really deviating that much from the "party line". For instance, I find those who lobby for less poisons in the food which we buy, quite frankly ridiculous.

So I'm giving you, dear reader, fair warning. The blogs which I intend to create are going to be a bit ... erm ... off the wall. I hope to be rattling some cages and provoking a lot of "outside the box" thinking. For a big clue about what's coming, take a look at my avatar. If you don't recognise it, it's a piece of street art produced by the artist Banksy. I can think of no better image to sum up my attitude and conviction. A revolutionary anarchist who wants to throw bunches of flowers at you. Where could there possibly be any harm in that!

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