Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hypocrisy 101

The astute amongst you will already have realised what a raving hypocrite I am.

In one post I make reference to the BBC's "Have Your Say" message board and in another I state that I'm unwilling to be forced into funding them. So whilst chastising politicians for claiming expenses that were "within the rules", at the very same time I've been watching the BBC's iPlayer, using their news website and posting on their "Have Your Say" section. All for free and gratis, paid for by those who cough up for a TV licence ... because "it's within the rules guv don'tcha know".

Damn! I hate catching myself out in hypocrisy ... especially when I'm stupid enough to do it on-line. Well it stops right now. As of today I'm now boycotting ALL things to do with the BBC. The only exception I'm willing to make is that I will look at a BBC website if someone sends me a news link to look at (etc).

Maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight now that's off my chest. I'm going to miss Patrick Moore and "The Sky at Night" though. *cries*

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