Sunday, 23 August 2009

Game Over Man ...

In the immortal words of Hudson in the film "Aliens", "That's it! Game over man! Game over!".

I'd just like to inform everyone that I'm officially resigning. From everything. Period.

Why? I'll tell you why! I'm sick to death of trying to convince sheep that the world is run by greedy people who don't give a blue shit about them and only care about money and big business. I'm sick to death of pointing out that governments are insane and immoral and trying to debate people about it. I'm sick of the whole fucking deal. So, as of now, if you think that governments are good, essential or inevitable then just get the fuck away from me. If you like this shit so much then fuck off and wallow in it. Seriously, I have ZERO time for you fucking brain dead arseholes now. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

As for me I've also had it with trying to find an honourable compromise with this system. I now know for a hard fact that it can't be done. So fuck the system too. Here's the news, first chance I get I'm off to join a commune of hippies in the forest. That's right folks, I'm getting the fuck out of here before you arseholes drag me down the shitter with you. You can all carry on taking it up the arse if you like but don't expect me to stand and watch and don't expect me to fight for your freedom anymore.

Fuck you.


  1. Thank you for inviting me to the captain`s table! And yes, i do feel very much honoured by that! It`s a place i want to be and i love to be! I know you quite a while now and im incapable to describe how much you`ve already enriched my life and existence. This specific neuronal net (not to speak of these other signal/information transduction modules we cant even dream of by now) represented by you as a being, with all its "symptoms" (thats why i´ve chosen this entry to comment) i dont want to miss anymore.
    I love (and i mean that) your way to describe your thoughts, the positively (self-)ironical approach to the deepest themes and topics. Thank you for so many laughs you gave me, thank you for the hope for mankind, you and your struggling efforts are standing for!
    Looking forward to share a bottled single malt with you some day :-)

    PS: Very nice blog, and yes, the next comments by me will hopefully be more "labeled" (and maybe a bit more creative, languagewise)

    greets and best wishes from germany

  2. Chriiiiiiiis !!!!!

    Hey man it's great that you dropped by to read my nonsense (just as it's always great when we meet up hunting monsters hehe). It's always great to receive encouragement but it means a lot when it comes from some one who you "know", love and admire. Thanks also for the kind words and compliments man I can only hope to be worthy of them. If your future comments are going to be more creative than this one then it'll probably burn my own neural net out with it's awesome ahahah.

    Yeah man ... one day with that bottle of single malt ... one day.

    Namaste, brother of the heart.

  3. Well, now 2 years have passed...
    The debt-industry kept on holding me on a low level... so they thought :-))
    NO WAY!
    So many experiences and thoughts over the past years that it feels as if i might need a new shell for all this stuff.
    And many, many times i wished you`d lived nearby, so we could have met for a chat or energy xchange.
    Damn, its a rare occasion to experience that kind of a conjunction.
    I hope you are doing well!
    Myself, i left the area of medicine and now explored the field of "quality management".
    For some its like a giant squiddie :-), and it sure can be, but with all my experience in hunting down these munsters, they didnt manage to leave me scared.
    I really hope you notice this message! Hang on and take care.
    Love, Chris!

  4. And again one more year has passed. :-)
    Where are you Cappy?
    Still hope you will come back to this table...
    Well, hear from u soon..., hopefully!
    Take Care!