Monday, 3 August 2009

Shape of Things to Come

As hinted at in my last entry, here at last is an ever growing list of some of the things I intend to cover in future posts. There will, of course, also be random stuff that just comes to mind but at some point I will be tackling all of the topics below. I'll mark them with an X as I cover them.

  • Science v Spirituality. An ongoing series in which I have a few more things to add.
  • Democracy? Inspired by a series of videos on YouTube by Buddhagem I'd like to give my perspective on what true democracy entails.
  • Rights. Is there such a thing as "rights" without the state?
  • State benefits and taxation.
  • X If you don't have a solution then stop talking about the problem. Is that reasonable?
  • New World Order conspiracy theories. A harmful distraction.
  • A critique of the "Freeman on the Land" movement.
  • Human nature or human behaviour?
  • Do anarchists "educate" effectively?
  • Mental health and the benefit system.
  • A personal story of anarchy in action.
  • Does anarchism equate to utopian idealism?

Nothing too serious then ... mwahahaha!

I've no idea in what order I'm going to attempt to cover these subjects but I will get round to them all eventually [/plan A]. If anybody reading this blog has any points to make on any of the above topics, or if you'd like me to cover something else not on the list, then please feel free to have a say by using the comments feature.



  1. Would like you to help me understand, how an Anarchist or Libertarian (is there a difference?) organises their philosophy when it comes to global warming? Is this not a problem that requires massive a coordinated effort?

    Love your blog BTW.

  2. I came to your blog because I saw a comment you made on Danny Shine's blog. You make some incredible points in that comment, and I also think it would make a very interesting post, itself. Specifically, this part perked me up:

    "There are more than enough self evident evils in this world to tackle without having to resort to NWO conspiracies. Corporatism, wage slavery, class inequality, a woefully inadequate and prejudiced justicial system, a government more concerned about revenue and big business than it is about people. These (amongst many others) are the things which people recognise as being clear and present wrongs in our world and they are desperately waiting to be offered a clear and viable alternative. I believe that the alternative is to disengage from this society as much as possible and organise locally, help people locally, get involved with local charities and revolutionary organisations. This is the direction which I am heading in my own life and it's most refreshing because I can take direct action to make the world a better place instead of feeling powerlessly under the boot heel of some faceless illumaniti top dog. "Be the change you want to see" (Ghandi) etc."

    I do, however, see a paradox in your statement. By organizing locally, helping people locally, and getting involved in local charities, etc., you are actually becoming more engaged in your community... but in a positive way that promotes progress within society. I think you've inadvertently hit the nail on the head here. To "be the change you wish to see in the world", we must not disengage from our societies, but find ways to reengage in positive ways like the ones you describe.

    A saner world is possible, if we work for it.